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Not a Dry Eye in the House!

by Hartman Eye Group
Dry eye syndrome is a common cause of eye irritation, mainly affecting older people. Artificial tears, gels and soothing ointments usually ease symptoms. Read more

Eating Tips for Better Vision

by Hartman Eye Group
Improving your vision and protecting your eyesight starts with the food on your plate. Read more

New Ideas in Amblyopia

by Hartman Eye Group
Amblyopia is a major cause of vision loss in children. When the eye and brain are not working together properly, vision is decreased in the eye that is not being used correctly. Read more

Pediatric/Adult Strabismus Specialist Joins Hartman Eye Group

by Hartman Eye Group
Hartman Eye Group is excited to announce that Lea Ann Lope, D.O., FACOO, will be joining our practice in February 2018. She joins our practice from UPMC Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh where she practiced for the last 10 years. Read more

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